Sunday, October 17, 2010


What a  wonderful surprise on Friday to find two amazing old friends staying at the same guest house in Kampala where we planned to overnight.  Pastor Mutebi and his wife, Lovincer, are true saints of God who reflect the joy and strength of God in unusual measure.

Kampala, Pastor Mutebi 085

Pastor Mutebi is the superintendent of the Full Gospel Churches of Uganda, and his character has been forged in the fires of persecution and trials.  As a young pastor in the 1970s he was imprisoned with several members of his congregation after Amin’s soldiers shot up his church.  His trust in God during this time gave him strength to lead many other prisoners to the Lord, and his faith sustained him as he endured the cruelties of prison.  Lovincer has been a model to many as well, and has a deep faith and love that has blessed many.  They have known many heartaches in their family, but continue to shine with a calm, joyful and humble witness to God’s faithfulness through everything they have faced.

Kampala, Pastor Mutebi 082

What an encouragement to meet them unexpectedly.  It has been several years since our last time together and it was a breath of fresh air to have time together.  God sends inspiration and  encouragement in ‘chance meetings’ like this often and we are grateful.

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