Friday, June 17, 2011

Come Let us Dance!


Yesterday and today Karl and I, together with our co-worker Mark, enjoyed time down in Kibaale helping to host a team of staff members from another NGO working here in Uganda.  Their organisation, called “Come Let us Dance”, is based in a small town in Colorado, USA.  Here in Uganda, their project includes a new Christian school, Wakiso Christian International Academy, that opened its doors this February.  Their vision is very similar to ours:

“We believe that by empowering at-risk African youth and their communities, we enable a generation of leaders who will rise-up and take the hand of their Africa and dance into a stable, hopeful future.”

The seven teachers and the school nurse  from this school in Wakiso District (south west of Kampala city and about 3 hours from Kibaale) were very eager to learn from our experiences over the last 18 years as Kibaale Community Schools have developed—everything from classroom management and preparing low-cost, effective learning aids with local materials… to biblical integration and  teacher development programs.  Our KCC director, Peter, along with other administrators and teachers shared a lot of valuable ideas with them and encouraged them in their vision.

Come Let Us Dance 036

They were able to share in the primary school morning assembly and visit  classrooms to observe our teachers and students in action.

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Accompanying these Ugandan teachers were two American teachers with the Association of Christian Schools International and Come Let us Dance.  They are on a short trip to Uganda to help with teacher training workshops as well.

One of the original goals of Kibaale Community Schools was to serve as a model school for others in Uganda, in terms of meeting the needs of underprivileged children through quality Christian education.  We are very happy to share what we have learned through the successes and challenges of the last several years, and to open our doors to teachers and administrators from other schools.  Through networking we are all much stronger, and God blesses unity and cooperation. 

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