Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teacher Transformation (Part 2)

 As we anticipate the beginning of the second module of the Certificate in Christian Education course next week, I thought I would post a few more extracts from some of our teachers' assignments completed in the last couple of months.
CCE Jan. 24 004

The testimonies from the teachers that we have worked with give us great encouragement to continue moving forward to expand the teacher training work here.

"Ever since my worldview changed, my lifestyle and behaviour also changes as a mature christian in my walk with God...In the past it was very hard for me to forgive.  I could keep offences in my heart and I was not able to tell the other person that she wronged me.  Instead, I would keep quiet and whenever I would meet that person something burned within me.  But these days it is easier for me to forgive because I learned that if you forgive you can also be forgiven, as it is written in Matthew 6: 14.  I also love to sit and settle disputes with that person instead of telling others.  I want everything to be finished between us."

"My life as changed very much in the way I find my life's fulfillment...I used to serve people with respect, love and eagerness just to win their favour towards me.  This influenced very much my decision making, in that I wanted to do what pleased people. I could also not differentiate between the truth and a lie in doing that.  Today I am very conscious that when I am serving people, I must stick to God's truth whether it pleases them or not.  I must not serve people to seek their favour but to reveal God's glory to all...I also serve people as an ambassador of Christ, not to portray myself as one who ca do it, but as one used by Christ to serve His people.  I always have great joy in my Christian service because I am content to serve God through serving His people.  I don't choose who to serve but serve all equally."

"Before I became a Christian, my mind and spirit was caught up in animism and ancestor veneration.  I used to fear so much places believed to be for ancestral spirits.  There were some trees that were dedicated to evil spirits.  When I matured as a Christian, I stopped fearing such things...I boldly go to such places  without any fear anymore...One time I broke through a thicket of bush to reach a mango tree with ripe mango fruits that had been dedicated to Satan.  When I picked  the mango fruits and ate  them and nothing happened to me, everybody stopped fearing the mango tree and fearlessly started eating the mango fruits.  Today I am very bold."

"I used to think teaching was a source of income like any other job as long as I had imparted the knowledge to the learners.  However, I realised later that it was a very big ministry because all the pupils that sat before me everyday had to be trained in the ways of God and helped to practice their Christian faith in their whole lives.  Each day now I ask God to guide me on how to plan for my devotions and lessons effectively to the glory of God."

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