Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Young Leaders with Integrity

At present we have two young teachers completing their practice teaching at Timothy Girls’ High School.  Both of these young men, Joseph and Julius, are products of Kibaale Community School, so we have known them for many years.  They were young orphaned boys who struggled to succeed with the help of sponsors from Canada and the mentorship of their teachers in Kibaale.  Both stood out as diligent students who were willing to work hard in their studies and also work with their hands in the gardens and school farm, doing whatever they could to provide for themselves and younger siblings. They know the value of honest work and faith in God… and now are growing into fine teachers.  They have a real heart to teach with biblical integrity and make a difference in the upcoming generation. Julius also had the distinction of being chosen as a Ugandan representative to attend the 3-day East African National Youth Gathering in Nairobi.  This was organised by the Africa Youth Leadership Forum, and organisation that works with young leaders in various universities.  Julius was the coordinator of their activities in Kyambogo University where he has been doing his studies.
TGHS May 31, 2012 013student teachers 018
The supervisor from their university has made two visits to the school to observe and evaluate them and has given them very good reports, encouragement and helpful feedback on their lessons.
student teachers 021
He also has expressed that he would like to come back soon to Timothy Centre as an unofficial visitor to learn more about our high school and teacher training program.  He left with a handful of school brochures so hopefully this might result in a few more girls registering with us!
When I was down in Kibaale last week facilitating a workshop for our nursery teachers, I also visited some of the classes that had received donations of Bibles last year.  We try to make it a point to provide a Luganda Bible to our Primary 3 students when they have learned to read fluently enough to read them for themselves. 
P4 Bibles, Nursery teacher training 073
I thought of Joseph and Julius and the impact the Word of God has had in their lives as they have embraced its truth and applied it in their lives.  They have been transformed from fatherless boys with little hope and direction in life into strong servant-leaders leaders with godly vision for their country.  That is our prayer for all of these young students in Kibaale.

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