Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camping with the Wildlife

We are very fortunate to have a great camping get-away place not too far away from Timothy Centre.  Lake Mburo National Park is small in comparison to the better known parks in Uganda, but it is brimming with wildlife and has a very peaceful feel about it.  On the weekend we packed up our tents, sleeping bags and cooking gear and headed out for a break together with Ken and Carina and their girls.



The warthogs and baboons wander freely through the camping area but thankfully didn’t harass us at all.  It is also fun to fall asleep to the sound of the hippos grunting in the lake!


Driving through the park is always an adventure, and no two game drives are alike.  This time we had the best viewing we have had of the elusive eland, the largest antelope in the world.  Lake Mburo has large herds of eland, but they are very shy and often stay in the remote parts of the park.  We also were able to watch a great show put on by two male impalas who were involved in quite an aggressive fight right beside the road. 



Lake Mburo 005


Vervet monkey working part time on the road equipment!




Lake Mburo 120Lake Mburo 068T

Lake Mburo 105

We also enjoy the amazing variety of birdlife in Lake Mburo, truly a beautiful place to relax.

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