Monday, March 19, 2012

Teacher Transformation


CCE Jan. 19 007

Since conducting our first teacher training module in January, much of my time has been spent in my office marking hundreds of assignments (that’s what happens when you make your students work hard….it comes back on you!).  Those of you who are teachers know that marking is sometimes the hardest and most time-consuming part of teaching.  It is not always the most inspiring part, either!  But as I was going through some of the assignments the other day, I was struck by the way the teachers  who have been working at our Kibaale project in the past several years had been able to describe the transformation that has taken place in their lives and teaching as they have matured as Christian teachers.  Let me include a few anonymous samples of what they have written:

“One of the ways in which my worldview has changed is in love for enemies.  Before I knew Jesus, I was hating my enemies and loving those who loved me.  When I received Jesus I learnt from God’s word that I have to love my enemies and do good to those who hate me.  I must bless those who curse me and pray for those who mistreat me.  It took me time to change, but when I started to practice it, my enemies changes.  They no longer behaved in the way they used to. It is true we need to love our enemies for it is one of the ways of preaching the gospel to them.  Luke 6: 31-36 has really changed my life in that area.”

“I use to think teaching was a source of income like any other job as long as I had imparted knowledge to learners.  However, I realised later that it was a very big ministry because all the pupils that sat before me every day had to be trained in the ways of God and helped to practice their Christian faith in their whole lives.  Each day now I ask God to guide me how to plan for my devotions and lessons effectively to the glory of God.”

“”I used to discipline my children and students by use of a cane…and thought I was the best.  After a time I realised  how foolish I became and started to look for a way out.  Then I found I was wrong and repented and asked God to help me as I control my class.  Right now I am doing well using guidance and counselling even to young children in my family.  I have been facing challenging issues but through counselling and guidance many have got saved and even those who went before they got saved came back to testify.  Students are no longer a burden but God-given gifts…I have seen students changing for the good, for the grace of the Lord has been new every morning.  I used to pray that students  should fear me, but now I pray that students should trust me and love to do good things.”


CCE Jan. 21 005

CCE Jan. 20, 2012 007

Praise God for the fruit we see in the teachers’ lives.  It is worth the investment!

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