Sunday, March 11, 2012

Training at Eagle’s Wings Children’s Centre

On Thursday and Friday, I conducted a teacher training workshop the the primary and secondary school staffs of Eagle’s Wings Children’s Centre near Lukaya (about 45 minutes from the Timothy Centre).  This is an amazing project, started in 2004 by Bill and Anne, a retired couple from Manitoba who felt that God was calling them to help orphaned children in this area.  In the last 8 years they have built up a children’s home and primary school for vulnerable children, fostered in their home a little boy who was on death’s door from malnutrition when he was brought to them, and just opened a secondary school with the students who have graduated from the primary school.  With the help of a volunteer doctor from the U.S., they are about to build a clinic at the centre.  Talk about using your “sunset years” well!  We also had a teacher from another Masaka area project (Love in Action) join us for the training, so she can mentor the staff members from the two schools she supervises.
Eagle's Wings teacher training 125
(Bill addressing his teaching staff)

This is the third time I have helped with teacher training at Eagle’s Wings, and one of their teachers is enrolled in our Certificate in Christian Education course at Timothy Centre.  It is great to be able to share things we have learned from mentoring our own teachers in Kibaale, and see the fire for Christian Education spread in other areas.
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We try to use a lot of interactive methods in our training, to model for these teachers ways to make learning more interesting and meaningful for their students.  Cooperative learning groups and making presentations of their group work seem to work well.
Eagle's Wings teacher training 101
We had a donation from an individual that enabled us to purchase Life Application Study Bibles for the schools, as well as resource books that are a great help to teachers in understanding ways in which biblical truths relate to the subjects that they are teaching.
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