Monday, May 7, 2012

Christian Teacher Training Continues to Grow

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by an education professor at Makerere University who had come across some information about our teacher training course at Timothy Centre.  She had recently come to realise that there is much more that Christian teachers can do to build the next generation in Uganda, a generation with integrity, love for God and a heart to serve others. She wanted to find out more about our program and invited me to speak to a group of teachers from the National Federation of Born Again Churches in Uganda.  As the education secretary for this group, she regularly organises in-service training workshops for Christian school teachers and she wanted this group to learn more about the philosophy of Christian education….and some practical skills for teaching from a biblical perspective.

CCE May, 2012 and training at Seroma 024

So, immediately after we said good-bye to the teachers enrolled in our training course at Timothy Centre at noon on Wednesday, Karl and I drove up to Kampala and I presented Thursday morning at this workshop held at Seroma Christian High School in Mukono.  Teachers that attended represented 12 different schools. There is no doubt that Christian teachers in Uganda are hungry for training like this, and it is so encouraging to see them willing to move beyond seeing their work as simply a means to survive.  They are committed to making a difference through their teaching, building a strong Uganda on biblical principles.  As long as there are teachers like this, there is much hope for Uganda!

CCE May, 2012 and training at Seroma 029

CCE May, 2012 and training at Seroma 030

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