Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mathematics is Next to Godliness!

One of the areas that I am fascinated with in terms of biblical integration in academic studies is the way that God’s nature and character are displayed through his ‘mathematical fingerprint’ in the design of creation. Many teachers and students here struggle with mastering basic math skills, let alone recognising the beauty in maths and the many ways it reveals something of God’s beauty, orderliness, constancy and infiniteness. One of our on-going goals in our teacher training is to help teachers grasp the wonder of math and ignite an excitement in their students for learning math. Today as I was observing in class at Timothy Girls’ High School, it was great to see our math teacher  has already begun to try to apply some of the things that he has been learning in our teacher training program. He has had the girls start to brainstorm some biblical connections with math…
TGHS May 31, 2012 003
There is a lot more to learn, but this is a good start! 
When I went into the fine art classroom and saw some of the beautiful patterns in the block print work they have done, I see they are already making some connections between math and art and beauty in God’s creation.
TGHS May 31, 2012 026       TGHS May 31, 2012 027

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  1. Really great thoughts.I completely agree to you. yes mathematics is next to godliness.Maths is really interesting.I understood when my son was going through his lessons he was understanding problem so easily and also able to give lots of examples.