Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Justus, Catherine, bee centre, Bob's b day 008

As I was walking behind the guest house in Kibaale the other day I stopped to look at the big mango tree growing behind the house that I lived in many years ago.  Its beauty and size struck me. 


Justus, Catherine, bee centre, Bob's b day 012 Justus, Catherine, bee centre, Bob's b day 010

I remembered planting a small seedling 16 years ago.  It was hard to believe this was the same tree.  Over the years it has provided shade, fruit, a home for a ‘tree house’ and a place to hang a swinging ladder for children.

Justus, Catherine, bee centre, Bob's b day 013

In a way, it is a symbol of Kibaale Community Centre, which began as a very small and seemingly insignificant children’s home in a very remote area.  God planted it for a purpose, however, and it grew with His blessing as a great many people served there.  It has been a place of shelter and provision for many needy children.  The entire community has been blessed by the Christian education, medical and community services it has been able to provide.  God has a way of making visions grow into reality!

Speaking of growth, we are seeing the site at the Timothy Centre continue to take shape….the buildings, the landscaping, and the farm.

Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 028

Justus, Catherine, bee centre, Bob's b day 036





Broadway team and TC buildings 025

Broadway team and TC buildings 033

Monday, October 25, 2010

Timothy Bee Centre

The Timothy Bee Centre has been operational for just over a year.  This last weekend we installed our sign.
Patrick, a local carpenter in Masaka, who also attended the last beekeeping training session, did an excellent job making the sign, carving most of it by hand.
249  253 256
Our next beekeeping workshop with Lesster Leow begins November 1st!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dessert Night

Pacific Academy Outreach Society invites you to attend one of the Dessert Nights to be held on Tuesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 28 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 026

Venue:  Pacific Academy Primary School open area (10238-168 St., Surrey, B.C.)

For more information contact Jenny Nel (

Come and enjoy coffee and dessert and learn more about the Kibaale Community Centre and Timothy Centre projects.

Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 024Kibaale School July 2010 125

Esther and John


When I began working at Kibaale Children’s Centre in 1993, I met Esther and John, two small children who lived on site with about 30 other orphans.  Esther was about 2 years old and her brother,John, was about 4.  They had lived at the centre since their mother died when Esther was 5 months old.  They had no other traceable relatives at the time.  John was severely malnourished when he came to live at the centre—showing typical symptoms of kwashirorkor.  Good care and feeding saved his life, but he was very lethargic and it was heartbreaking to watch him often sitting alone staring off into the distance while the other children played.  Both Esther and John completed preschool in our nursery school at the centre and began primary school with us. Learning was a real struggle for John, probably due in large measure to his poor start in life, but he pressed on.  Eventually, their elderly grandmother was traced through the child probation office and they left part way through their primary schooling to live with their grandmother about 30 km away.  When John completed primary school, he came back to our area with Esther and they lived with an older brother so he could attend our secondary school and Esther could finish her primary schooling.  With much determination, John completed his secondary education (being sponsored through our child sponsorship office).

Timothy plants, Broadway team, John 030

This is John today.  He is a soft-spoken young man who is working hard to make a living for himself.  Karl has hired him as part of the landscaping crew at the Timothy Centre and it is wonderful to see him active, happy and productive. 

Timothy plants, Broadway team, John 031 And Esther…

Education Committee and teacher training 007

…is a lovely young lady who is learning tailoring in the vocational school in Kibaale.  She is always happy to chat and also has a soft and gentle demeanor.  We thank God for the opportunity to see Him at work in the lives of these children who seemed so hopeless many years ago. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Servant Leaders

When we were at Kibaale Community Centre today with the team of men from Broadway Church, we introduced the men to several of our staff members who were once students in the Kibaale Community Schools.  We were reminded of the way God has used the schools over the past 17 years to help develop young people with a heart for God and for serving the community in which they have grown up. Meet some of these staff members:

Broadway team and Kibaale 038

Job (working in community development clean water projects and managing the farm’s fish pond)

Broadway team and Kibaale 041

Mugabi (working in the child sponsorship office)

Broadway team and Kibaale 042

Moses (working in child sponsorship office)

Broadway team and Kibaale 052

Elkanah (farm manager)

Broadway team and Kibaale 073 Dominic (working as assistant to site manager)

Broadway team and Kibaale 093Godfrey (Primary 5 teacher)

Broadway team and Kibaale 076 Emmanuel (Primary Kiswahili teacher)

Broadway team and Kibaale 074 Jessca (Primary 1 teacher)

Broadway team and Kibaale 075 Samuel (Primary 6 teacher)

Broadway team and Kibaale 086

Margaret (Primary 1 teacher)

Broadway team and Kibaale 056 Florence (Kindergarten teacher assistant)

Broadway team and Kibaale 079 Mariam (Primary 3 teacher)

It is encouraging to see many of our students choosing to stay in Kibaale when they could find work in the city and use their training in more lucrative jobs.  Many have expressed that they feel a strong sense of commitment to serve in Kibaale because they are grateful to God for the help they received when they were needy students.  They are demonstrating the servant leadership heart we aim to nurture in our students. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


What a  wonderful surprise on Friday to find two amazing old friends staying at the same guest house in Kampala where we planned to overnight.  Pastor Mutebi and his wife, Lovincer, are true saints of God who reflect the joy and strength of God in unusual measure.

Kampala, Pastor Mutebi 085

Pastor Mutebi is the superintendent of the Full Gospel Churches of Uganda, and his character has been forged in the fires of persecution and trials.  As a young pastor in the 1970s he was imprisoned with several members of his congregation after Amin’s soldiers shot up his church.  His trust in God during this time gave him strength to lead many other prisoners to the Lord, and his faith sustained him as he endured the cruelties of prison.  Lovincer has been a model to many as well, and has a deep faith and love that has blessed many.  They have known many heartaches in their family, but continue to shine with a calm, joyful and humble witness to God’s faithfulness through everything they have faced.

Kampala, Pastor Mutebi 082

What an encouragement to meet them unexpectedly.  It has been several years since our last time together and it was a breath of fresh air to have time together.  God sends inspiration and  encouragement in ‘chance meetings’ like this often and we are grateful.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Broadway Team

We are pleased to have a volunteer team of six people from Broadway Church (our home church in Vancouver, Canada) who are doing a variety of jobs to help get the school buildings and furniture ready for opening next year.
Broadway team and TC buildings 087
Broadway team and TC buildings 085 Broadway team and TC buildings 030   Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 023 Not only have they been busy constructing and assembling things, they were able to encourage our Ugandan construction and landscaping staff, sharing personal experiences in their journey with God.  Every Wednesday a group of our workers meets during their lunch break to learn more about God’s Word and pray for each other. 
Broadway team and TC buildings 078
Broadway team and TC buildings 084
Sept - Oct 2010 393
The leaders of the team are David and Ruth and we thank them for their help in keeping the men organised and well fed!
Here is a glimpse of the school buildings as they are taking shape…
Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 008 Dormitories
Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 010 Dining hall
Broadway team, buildings, Kibaale administrators 017 Administration block
These will be beautiful facilities for the girls who attend Timothy Girls’ College.  We thank God for all He has provided.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gafayo Memorial Orphanage School

On Saturday we went on an adventure following a long and scenic road…

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 031

…and met a fascinating man named Gafayo. Three years ago he donated 4 acres of land to his community to start a Christian primary school for orphans in his home village of Endiizi in Isingiro District.  The school is located over 2 hours from the Timothy Centre.

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 041  The land he donated had a simple wooden building on it that had previously been used as a secondary school.

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 048 Land is highly prized here as part of a family’s inheritance, so it was an amazing gift to this community to receive this land which normally would have been left to his sons after his death.  The school committee members who met with us quoted a Ugandan proverb that says “A man is thanked after he dies,” but told us that in this case they wanted to express their appreciation to him by honoring him while he was still living—hence the name “Gafayo Memorial Orphanage School”.

The reason we visited this school was to help conduct a seminar for teachers and parents.  We were invited by the head teacher, Bernard, who is a former teacher from Kibaale Community Primary School.Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 059

After receiving basic training in Christian schooling and biblical integration, he returned to his home area and began heading this orphanage school, applying the ideas he learned in Kibaale.  He is working to mobilize other small Christian schools in the district to come together for training and encouragement.  There were six other schools represented on Saturday in the seminar, and they were all keen to learn how to teach from a Christian perspective, inspire hope, and instill the values of integrity and love for God in this new generation of students.

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 038

The team that I traveled with included David and Ruth Frith (visiting from our church in Vancouver, Canada) and two teachers from Kibaale, Allen (our primary head teacher) and Kenneth (our secondary math/physics teacher).  It is great to see our Kibaale teachers willing and able to share their passion for Christian schooling with other schools.

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 047Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 040

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 050

Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 051

  Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 044


Uganda life and Gafayo Mem Orphan School 060 This quote from Martin Luther was displayed on the school office door, reflecting their passion for the Word of God.