Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Catching Up!

It has been many weeks since we have been able to publish a new post....a combination of a very busy schedule, the theft of our laptops and camera in a break-in, etc. but we should now try to bring you up to date on some of the happenings in our lives here at UCU (and beyond!)

Karl had a full couple of months in March and April conducting Farming God's Way training workshops in many places throughout the country, including projects near the Timothy Centre (Masaka) area and culminating in a week long training of trainers at a site near the university.  This was for Church of Uganda workers country-wide.  Karl's "right hand man", Stephen, who is being mentored as a trainer was able to assist in some of these trainings.

Arleen's biggest focus was on the Faculty of Social Sciences and last week she conducted a four-day intensive training for the lecturers, helping them to apply principles of faith and teaching integration to their social science courses.  At the conclusion, one of the lecturers said,  "This was a tough nut to crack, but we did it!".  In the past, many lecturers have seen faith and teaching integration as a mysterious, difficult concept. Thankfully they are beginning to understand its importance and relevance in a Christian university...and are taking steps to move ahead and apply what they are learning in their course planning.  We had some lively times of discussion in last week's workshop and lecturers were eager to work together to improve their course outlines in terms of faith integration.

There is much more to report, and so we will endeavour to hit the highlights in the next few blog posts.  We thank you so much for your prayers!