Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Teacher Training

Immediately after returning from the Africa Roundtable 2 in Johannesburg, we welcomed the 32 teachers who arrived to  continue with module 3 of our teacher training course at Timothy Centre.  So it has been a busy last few weeks!

CCE Aug. 25, 2012 016

We had eight days of classes with these dedicated teachers, focusing on our ‘Biblically Based Curriculum’ module, in which teachers learned how to teach the various school subjects from a distinctly Christian perspective. 

CCE Aug. 25, 2012 004CCE August 27, 2012 003

Teacher were challenged to think beyond the traditional secular approaches they have been used to using in their classroom teaching and began to consider the topics they teach in the context of the biblical worldview which has been the foundation of our course.  Many of them said that this has been a real eye-opener for them, and they are beginning to see how their teaching can really be transformative in the lives of their students.

CCE Aug. 25, 2012 002

At this stage in the course, the assignments are very practical, and teachers worked on unit planning for the upcoming school term.   Tomorrow is the beginning of Term 3, the last term for this school year, so we pray they all have a great term and can apply what they have been learning effectively.  Each time they return to Timothy Centre, they bring encouraging reports about the way their teaching is changing.  Several of them have said that they are going back this term with plans to ask their directors and head teachers to send more of their staff members to join the course next year.  We are praying for more volunteers to make themselves available to help with the instruction of these modules in 2013.