Saturday, February 19, 2011


Two weeks ago we made an unexpected trip home to Canada when we got word that Karl’s father was having some serious health issues.  We decided to come home to Canada for our break earlier than we had planned in order to help out with care.  Thus the change in scenery you will see on this blog in the next little while!

mountains 004mountains 010These are the beautiful mountains in Golden Ears Park just across the river from our home in Langley.  It has been overcast and rainy for the past two weeks but today we woke up to sun and fresh snow on the mountains…beautiful!

The day we arrived back in Canada was Karl’s father’s 87th birthday, so even though he was weak we were able to visit for a couple of hours and share some birthday cake.

Feb 2011 005 We are not sure what the next few weeks will hold, but we will enjoy the family time while we have the chance, and keep ourselves busy  helping with medical appointments, spending time with our daughter who is soon having her 20th birthday, gathering resources and doing research for our work in Uganda, and continuing to plan teacher training courses.  Arleen has already begun doing some substitute teaching at Pacific Academy as well, as this is the midst of the cold and flu season and substitutes are in short supply.

Friday, February 18, 2011

African Beekeeping Workshop – January 2011

In January we conducted our first beekeeping workshop of the new year at the Timothy Centre.


Eight participants with various levels of beekeeping experience came to hone their skills in the six day workshop.


Lesster Leow begins the session by taking everyone into the on site apiary and explains how to approach the African bee …


…apis mellifera scrutellata.


In order to gain confidence in approaching the African bee during the daytime, one of the youngest colonies is selected.  Participants observe how to approach and handle the hive.



Participants are taught how to identify the worker bees, drones,


and the queen.


Observations from the field visits are discussed back at the training centre.

144 148 

Participants receive further instructions before going back into the apiary.



As students gain confidence, they are given opportunities to approach a hive on their own.


Mugisha feels confident enough to handle the hive without gloves – a first for him!



Soon others follow.  Verna initially uses gloves but by the end of the workshop she too gains enough confidence to handle the hives without gloves. 


One of the participants mentioned that, “I have never seen bees handled so gently”.  Lesster has such a respect for the African bee, that participants soon learn the secret of approaching them.


Registration for our next training in March is already full.  We are now taking registrations for June.  If interested, please contact Karl at:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teacher Training…off and running!

The theme of this week is definitely “teacher training”.  We were asked to provide some training in biblical integration for another primary school about 45 minutes from the Timothy Centre.  Beth Pipe Primary School is part of the ministry of Eagle’s Wings Children’s Village started by a retired couple from Manitoba, Canada about  eight years ago.  This amazing couple decided to use their retirement funds to start a home for orphaned children and provide Christian-based education for them.  It was a privilege to be able to help them with some teacher training on Monday and Tuesday before their students reported for the new school year today.  Teachers were eager to learn and participated with keen interest.

Eagles's Wings Children's Centre 036

Eagles's Wings Children's Centre 051

Eagles's Wings Children's Centre 048

Eagles's Wings Children's Centre 040 (2)   Eagles's Wings Children's Centre 049 (2)

Then yesterday and today, our administrators of the Timothy Girls’ College facilitated the first in-service training for the new staff members who will begin teaching this month.  It is especially exciting to see two teachers from our Kibaale Community Schools conduct some of these sessions.  Peter (director in Kibaale) and Stephen (head of our Education Commitee in Kibaale) have developed excellent skills over the years and presented inspiring workshops! Timothy Girls’ College teachers are off to a great start!

teacher training Jan- Feb 2011 005

teacher training Jan- Feb 2011 007

teacher training Jan- Feb 2011 010  teacher training Jan- Feb 2011 011