Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back in Uganda

On November 6 we arrived back in Uganda after spending nearly 2 months in Canada, both in Langley and in Edmonton.  There sure is a difference in weather between Uganda and Canada this time of year!  While friends and family are dealing with heavy rains and grey skies at the coast and a huge snowfall in Edmonton, we are certainly not complaining about the tropical weather and lush greenery we see here at the Timothy Centre!
Timothy Centre July 27, 1012 056
After landing in Entebbe and getting a good night’s sleep, we awoke to the symphony of bird songs that always reminds us that we are back in Uganda.  We drove the two hours home to the Timothy Centre and arrived just in time to say good-bye to the Senior 6 class of Timothy Girls’ High School before they left on the bus to travel to the examination centre at St. John’s Secondary School.  This Monday they will start writing their S6 government exams, the culmination of their secondary schooling.  We pray they do well!
On Friday we made a quick trip down to Kibaale to touch base with some of our teachers and other workers there.  It happened that our Primary 7 class was celebrating the completion of their Primary Leaving Exams, the government exams they write each November. 
The teachers told us that the 61 students in our two P7 classes in Kibaale felt quite confident about their performance on these exams, so we really hope for good results when they are released in January.  Those who pass well and are interested in further academic studies will be able to continue their education in our secondary school in Kibaale.  We also have a quality two-year vocational training program in Kibaale and some students will continue their education through one of these programs (carpentry, building & construction, tailoring, catering/baking).  Anyone interested in sponsoring a needy student for one of these very practical vocational training courses can find more information on the Kibaale website: 
              June 30 in Kibaale and Canada Day at TC 075     July 15, 2011 003