Friday, May 27, 2011

Canadian Beauty

Coming back to Canada and traveling the route between Vancouver and Edmonton (Arleen’s family home) has given us a chance to drink in the beauty of our home country.  On a recent trip to Edmonton to say good-bye to family, we were able to see many wild animals through the mountains, including four black bears that had come out of a long winter’s hibernation and were sniffing the air hungrily. 

Edmonton trip 162 

Edmonton trip 161 

We also came across a large female elk and lots of mountain sheep, so it really was like a Canadian safari in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Edmonton trip 201

Edmonton trip 190

  Edmonton trip 245

Edmonton trip 244

Edmonton trip 267

A great end to our break here…and in just a few days we’ll be at the airport on our way back to Uganda.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Since we have been home in Canada on our break, we have a fresh appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of the PAOS staff and the Pacific Academy community as a whole.  So many people give of themselves in supporting the work of Kibaale Community Centre and Timothy Centre. 
032 Jenny Nel (left) and Anne Chow (right) take care of so many administrative duties in the PAOS office, and work hard to get the word out about the students in Kibaale Community Schools that need sponsorship.  (For more information on sponsoring a child see
They also ensure that sponsors receive regular communication from their sponsored children.  This is a huge task, and one that we were able to help with in the last couple of months.  It was very interesting to be on this end…proof-reading and mailing out letters from our students in Kibaale!
April work at PA (2011) 052
April work at PA (2011) 044