Thursday, April 28, 2011

Every Step Counts

The Pacific Academy annual 5 km Kibaale Walk took place this afternoon, in a window of dry weather in the middle of a very rainy week.  Many were praying for a break in the weather and we were thankful for dry conditions that allowed the walk to go ahead as planned.  As the last of the runners and walkers finished, the first drops of rain started to fall!
The entire student body (over 1400) and staff participated in this annual fund raising event that supports the programs of Kibaale Community Centre in Uganda.  For the past two weeks students have been approaching friends, family and neighbours – telling them about the project in Kibaale and soliciting donations.  At the post walk assembly in the primary school, it was announced that the primary students alone had raised over $37,000!  It will be exciting to see what the intermediate, middle and high schools have also been able to raise. 

Thanks to the organising team at PA, headed by Jenny Nel and Anne Chow, things went off very smoothly. All of the funds raised will be channelled directly to Kibaale to provide the educational and medical care needed by the over 800 students in Kibaale Community Schools.  Thank you to all who participated!!
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Kibaale school July 28, 2010 073
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kibaale Walk

It's been really good to touch base with the Pacific Academy community since being home on our break.  In the last two weeks we have made close to 30 classroom presentations on the work that PA does in Uganda, both at Kibaale Community Centre and at the Timothy Centre.  The support from students and teachers has been overwhelming.

Each year the school hosts a 5 km walk to help raise awareness and financial support for the work in Uganda.  To get more information on the walk or learn how you can contribute to the work in Uganda, please follow this link:  Kibaale Walk

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Rest of the Team

As we work in the various ministries at the Timothy Centre and in Kibaale Community Centre, we depend on the prayers and support of the “rest of the ministry team” – the student, teacher and parent community of Pacific Academy.  This week we began doing some classroom presentations in the primary school, sharing about the great things we see God doing in our work.  We really enjoy reconnecting with the students and seeing their enthusiasm for learning about the children’s lives in Uganda.  They are some of our most faithful prayer partners!
March - April 2011 124

We were also able to encourage students in their participation in the annual Kibaale Walk, the fund-raising event that Pacific Academy holds each spring.  The funds that students and staff members raise at this 5 km walk around the community are used to support the programs in Kibaale Community Centre.  This year it is being held on Wednesday, April 27th.  (For more information contact the PAOS office:

Next week we will be spending lots of time in the intermediate and middle schools at PA.