Sunday, November 28, 2010

Joy In The Harvest

Back towards the end of August, land preparation began for our fourth season of gardening using Farming God’s Way principles.  Through all the effort you anticipate the joy of the harvest.


Applying God’s blanket of mulch to the planted field




I planted towards the end of August…most farmers delayed for a month before preparing their fields and planting.  The maize and beans at the Timothy Centre are the healthiest of anyone’s in the community.


007 012

After the harvest, in January, we’ll start training in the community again using Farming God’s Way principles to help others achieve these results, as they prepare their fields for the March planting season.

Friday, November 26, 2010


We come across some rather interesting posters now and again here in Uganda, and this one caught our eye recently.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 347 (2)

We hope not too many people here are led on a wild-goose chase with empty promises. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Charging Chimp!

While on our game park trip last week, we also went chimpanzee trekking in Kyamburu Gorge, a 100-metre deep gorge cut into the savannah by a river.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 268

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 225  The ecosystem is more like a tropical rainforest and it is a fascinating hike following chimpanzee knuckle prints in the mud and listening for the chimps’ characteristic screams in the trees.  The chimpanzee nests in the trees from the previous night help to locate the animals that move freely along the 16 km length of the gorge.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 223

I (Arleen) have done this trek several times before, but this was definitely the most exciting experience so far.  Unfortunately Karl missed out because he had to escort one of the team members to the clinic when he started to feel ill towards the beginning of the trek.  I have the photos to verify my story, though!  After about an hour of trekking we found one of the 27 year old females, Hatari, up in a tree.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 232 She is not one of the shier ones, so she came down and sat quietly to allow us some good photos.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 239 (2) Queen Eliz park and Kampala 250 (2) Queen Eliz park and Kampala 254  Queen Eliz park and Kampala 265 (2)

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 257 (2)  She then decided she wanted to walk along the path right where I happened to be standing and calmly brushed by me and walked off to see the alpha male, Brutus (who was much more camera shy).

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 261 (2) Soon we were in the midst of a group of 14 chimps all walking, climbing, swinging, and screaming around us.  In the midst of this pandemonium one adolescent male, Maji, picked me out as the lone female in the group and started charging at me, apparently to show his prowess and get a good reaction. The guide told me just to   stand still and hold my ground (a bit hard to do under the circumstances!).  I started backwards a bit and nearly knocked another fellow backwards down the slope, but thankfully he was able to steady himself and keep the two of us from rolling down.  Once Maji got his desired reaction, he promptly laid down on his back and gave me a very cheeky look!

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 264

Typical teenagers!

Monday, November 22, 2010


This last week we accompanied the team of men from Broadway Church on a safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of our favourite get away spots.  The range of animals we saw this time was amazing and included ten lions…

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 178

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 183

…and a leopard up in a tree!

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 188 (3)

Some of the other more rare animals we were able to see this time were the giant forest hog...

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 147 (2)

…and the monitor lizard.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 053 There was even a small monitor lizard on the back of a cape buffalo!

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 116 (2) The display of water birds along the channel is always beautiful to see…

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 065 (2)

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 074 (3)

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 078

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 084 Queen Eliz park and Kampala 144

God’s creativity is truly amazing.

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 025 (3) Queen Eliz park and Kampala 137Queen Eliz park and Kampala 149 (2)  

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 158 (2)

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 151 (2)

Queen Eliz park and Kampala 166 (3)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, Rats!

This has been an eventful week with uninvited ‘guests’ at the Timothy Centre.  It started off with a big rat hunt in our house after we found telltale evidence of rodents (holes chewed through the mosquito screens on the windows, droppings, wood shavings under the door).  We had been using our spare room as a combination office, work room, and storage room so it was an ideal place for a rat to make into a home.  Armed with brooms and boards and with the back up help of our faithful dog, Joey, we went at it!  After a wild time of chasing, bopping and banging we managed to finish it off…and then had to put the room back together (and buy a new broom after demolishing the one we used as a weapon)!  

Rats 003Rats 006

Rats 002The next few days were spent dealing with thousands of flying ants who emerged from their underground nests as the rains came.  They are attracted to the security lights on the property at night so the stairways and front porches of the houses were littered with piles of discarded wings and wingless bodies.  Many of them somehow managed to find their way into the houses so there was lots of sweeping up in the morning.  The bright side of this is that many of the local people here love to eat these delicacies as protein snacks!  You often see the school children along the roads crouching over an ant hill with great excitement as the ants fly out…and they pop them in their mouths as if they were eating popcorn!

Here is the view through the windshield of the vehicle as I was starting to head into town….

kibaale, ants and rats 023kibaale, ants and rats 024

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wild African Bees - Beekeeping Workshop

Last week we hosted another beekeeping workshop – 6 days of intensive training with Lesster Leow.  Participants came from Kirandongo (near Masindi), Rakai, Lwengo, and Wakiso districts, with 2 others coming from as far as Rwanda. 


Most of the training was done in the field where workshop participants were instructed in the safe handling of bees and proper apiary management.




It didn’t take long for participants to become comfortable in handling the bees.

060  066

Training also included how to establish a new apiary and baiting of hives.087

A mixture of wax and propolis is applied to the hives.097

  A spot in the apiary is chosen and the hives are set up.


The hives are now ready to be colonized.


Several of the participants, like Mrs. Mutebi had never handled the aggressive African bee prior to the training.  079

The workshop concluded on day 6 with everyone having an opportunity to make a traditional Ugandan hive.304


Congratulations to all the participants who successfully completed the 6 day course!


Our next workshop will be held in March 2011 at the Timothy Centre near Masaka, Uganda.