Monday, November 14, 2011

Glimpses of the Glory of God

This weekend we were reminded of the magnificence of the glory of God in many ways.  In a world where there is so much division and tension between individuals and groups, it is so refreshing to see the way God takes very diverse people and molds them together into the body of Christ to reflect His glory.



Karl was asked to share a message from the Word of God in the Sunday morning chapel service here at Timothy Girls’ High School and it was great to be part of their worship celebration.  One thing that struck me was the way these services have become so much more than a student event.  Not only do the matrons and headmistress participate fully in the music and sharing of their lives with students, the cooks and other workers feel free to participate and learn together as well.  In a society that is often very stratified according to age, educational status, and sexual distinctions, this is a real testimony to the work of the Spirit of God in lives to break down traditional barriers.




Some of the men from the community who work on the landscaping and farming crew have come to believe in Christ.  This older man, Paul, is full of joy and thankfulness after God revealed his love to him in healing him after a severe sickness.  He comes faithfully the services each Sunday to learn more about the glory of the God he has come to know.  The girls and school staff welcome him warmly. 

066 One of the school cooks was also extremely sick recently…and his family and friends had expected to lose him. He also shared with the girls how God answered prayers for his healing. 

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Even the security guard and one of the young men who helps with landscaping choose to come and learn together.



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Karl shared on “beholding the glory of the Lord” from 2 Corinthians 3: 18 and the transforming power this has in lives.  We have seen this at the Timothy Centre!


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