Monday, July 8, 2013

Many muddy hands…


….make light work!  One of the ways in which Kibaale Community Centre and our child sponsorship office (KCF) help the neediest families in the community is by facilitating the building of new houses.  Donors who want to bless this community often designate to a ‘Where Most Needed Fund’ and when the KCF office becomes aware of a family housing crisis, our Kibaale Community Primary School outreach classes pitch in to provide the labour needed to mud a new house.  The office arranges local workers to erect the pole and bamboo wall frame, set the wooden door and window shutters, and attach the tin roof.  Then the fun starts!



The mud is applied with many willing (and skilled) hands, as the primary students teach Canadian visitors the fine art of packing the wall frames with mud that dries like cement in the hot sun.  Last week the Teefel family came from Canada to spend some time in Kibaale to meet their sponsored child and see the project that they have supported over the years.  Lynn is a Pacific Academy teacher and was a leader on the first Pacific Academy team of students that traveled to Kibaale in 1991 to construct a bath house for the orphaned and abandoned children who lived there at the time.  This time, she came with her whole family!



It was great to reconnect with Lynn and her family here in Uganda, and to be reminded of the practical ways we can share the love of God by working together with the people of Kibaale community. 

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