Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Run the Race!

On Saturday, just a few days after moving to Uganda Christian University in Mukono, we were able to take part in a fund raising event (proceeds towards the building of a student centre on campus.)  It was a great way to get some exercise and also get to know more of the staff and students.  The Vice Chancellor addressed the participants and encouraged us all to support the expansion of the university facilities.  He also reported that at a recent meeting of several  university vice chancellors in Kampala,  UCU was looked to as a model in many of their programs, so we are encouraged to be a part of the Christ-centred education of university students in this place. 
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On Sunday we attended a special church service launching the Mission Week  at UCU with an excellent speaker, a bishop from Nigeria.  Last night it was beautiful to walk around the campus and hear groups of students singing in the chapel and in the open air. We pray that many will respond to the challenge and invitation to walk faithfully with the Lord and find His will for their lives and careers so they can be  most effective in bringing positive change in Ugandan society.  Our prayer is that many of our Kibaale students  and Timothy Girls High School students will be able to continue their education here. Again we are grateful for godly, humble, inspiring leadership here and are looking forward to growing in our own walk with the Lord as we work shoulder to shoulder with the Ugandan staff who have dedicated their lives to God’s work in higher education.

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