Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Retreating to Move Forward

DSCF4455This past weekend the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCU had a staff retreat to assess their programs, and make plans for improvement.  I was privileged to be able to take part on Sunday, joining them for their worship service and then presenting a session on the integration of faith and teaching in the social sciences.  It still amazes me that the basic principles we began teaching in our village school in Rakai, and then in our teacher training course at Timothy Centre are applicable at any level of education.  The staff members showed keen interest in learning more about how to practically bring biblical teaching to bear in their courses. This retreat was a good starting point for many more discussions and workshops... as we all do some hard thinking about faith-teaching integration. We plan to continue with professional development workshops throughout next year.  It seems that many lecturers are aware that the Bible has much to say about human nature, social relationships, public administration, counseling, community development, etc., and that this godly wisdom needs to find its way into their course planning... and into the hearts and minds of the students.

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