Monday, June 7, 2010

African Love Potion

This is an amazing couple we met while we were visiting the work of Foundation for Cross-cultural Education Training College in Zambia a couple of weeks ago.

John and Sipatra have had an amazing impact in their village in Zambia. In a village where families are disintegrating at an alarming rate, their neighbours are noticing something very different about their marriage and family. John plays with his children and spends time at home with his wife enjoying a love and friendship that is rare in the community culture. Three ladies visited Sipatra one day recently to ask her for the ingredients she uses in her “love potion”. From watching this family, they concluded that Sipatra must have a secret potion that she gives to John! Sipatra told them to come back the next day and she would have some to give them. Later that day she told John about their visit and so the next day when the three ladies returned, Siptra welcomed them in and told them she would go into the back room and get the potion for them. They were amazed to see John come out of the room, who then began to share with them how they lived by the biblical principles of honoring, loving and submitting to each other…and this was their “secret love potion”.
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