Monday, June 28, 2010

Farming God’s Way

One of the projects Karl has been involved in at the Timothy Centre is sustainable farming.  The model he is using is a method of conservation farming developed in Zimbabwe over 25 years ago called Farming God’s Way.  FGW uses biblical principles for agriculture and living, an applies them to farming.
Based on 25 years of experience, expected yields from this method of farming are up to 10 times higher than traditional methods.  For example, a local farmer in Uganda can expect a yield of 3-6 bags of maize on an acre of land using traditional methods.  Using Farming God’s Way methods, expected yields will be between 30 and 60 bags of maize.
Karl has been farming this way for three seasons now.  Below is a photo gallery of this seasons crop.
Rows and holes are being prepared for planting beans and maize


Fertilizer is being added to the planting stations


Beans are planted in rows


Maize is planted in the holing stations

A blanket of mulch is added to the garden
About 10 days later, the first signs of life appear


A few weeks later
P1010601 P1010604
Fast Forward to June 2010
P1030216A bountiful bean and maize crop
Madrasa and Kibaale Nursery 294
In July and August Karl will begin training sessions for the community in Masaka and Rakai districts

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  1. Fantastic to see the Timothy Centre using & extending Farming God's Way.
    Well done Karl!!!
    Grant Dryden