Wednesday, August 25, 2010

City Life


Even though our work is based in rural settings, much of it  requires trips to the city of Kampala for meetings, buying supplies, etc.  Last week we traveled in so Karl could attend a monthly meeting of the Farming God’s Way network group and Arleen could meet with one of the officers in the Ministry of Education.  Here are some typical scenes in the city…

city Aug 2010 021

city Aug 2010 032


city Aug 2010 034

Driving requires keen attention, as roads are often very crowded with bicycle and motorbike “taxis” carrying passengers and various loads zipping in and out of all the other traffic.

city Aug 2010 074

city Aug 2010 033

There are also many trucks transporting security guards back and forth the their work posts.

city Aug 2010 066

Shopping venues range from very modern malls to roadside stalls selling fruits, vegetables and almost anything else you might need.

city Aug 2010 059

city Aug 2010 064

city Aug 2010 069

city Aug 2010 031

city Aug 2010 075 

city Aug 2010 071

There are also many street vendors taking advantage of traffic jams to sell all manner of goods including toys, shower curtains, mosquito nets, phone chargers and shoes…

city Aug 2010 072

You do find rather unusual notices posted at times, as Lizabee  found out the other day…

city Aug 2010 036

And at times there are animals grazing in small grassy spots and searching for tasty bites in rubbish piles.

city Aug 2010 028

Kampala also has some beautiful and historic sites, such as Namirembe Cathedral, high on one of the main hills overlooking the city. 

city Aug 2010 026

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