Wednesday, September 29, 2010


From September 17 to 27 we had a fantastic time in Bloemfontein, South Africa (Arleen) and Lesotho (Karl). Karl will write more about his Farming God’s Way mentorship/training in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho, but here is a summary of my time of refreshment, reflection, reading and studying, participating in a national teachers’ convention (and shopping!) in the city of Bloemfontein about 2 ½ hours from where Karl was camping.

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 024 Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 025

The Foundations for Cross-Cultural Education national Christian teachers’ convention was held in this school which was established in 1907 by Andrew Murray, a famous South African missionary. 

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 027

It was a fantastic time of learning and fellowship with educational leaders and very dedicated South African teachers who are passionate about impacting their students (and their country) through Christian education.

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 016

 Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 018

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One of the most inspirational men who told his story is this school principal (above centre), Chris Tshibaka.  He came to South Africa from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1994 and taught in various schools until he felt God calling him to lead a school based on Christian values and principles.  He was given the principal post in the most dysfunctional secondary school in a township in Free State in 2008 and in two years the school has been completely transformed through prayer, discipline and integrating biblical values.  The violence and apathy has given way to peace and hope, and the pass rate on government exams in grade 12 has gone from 46% to over 80%. 

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 021Timothy is one of the primary teachers we met at the FCE school we visited in Zambia in May.  He began his teaching career in South Africa under a tree in an open field with a piece of plastic and some poles to protect the books when it rained!

All in all it was an excellent convention and I came away with many ideas to implement in our teacher training programs at the Timothy Centre here in Uganda and with a renewed vision from God for what He wants to accomplish through Christian education.

It was also great to see a new part of Africa, and enjoy a few of the sites of Bloemfontein in their ‘springtime’.  Flowers and trees were beginning to bloom…

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 007

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 005

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 014

…and it was lovely to visit one of their shopping centres on the edge of a picturesque man-made lake.

Bloemfontein and sunflower spirals 008

A wonderful ten days!  Thank you, Lord.

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