Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever!

In an effort to make the Timothy Centre as self-sustaining as possible, we have started to develop various income-generating projects.  The apiary is the biggest project at the moment, but we also have cultivated a large strawberry garden.

strawberries Aug 2010 004

Karl planted this garden from one plant that survived when we transplanted it from our garden in Kibaale a year and a half ago.

strawberries 074

There are about 900 plants at the moment and they have thrived even in the dry season (with some hand watering) because of the grass mulch blanket that has kept the moisture in the soil. This is one of the practices from Farming God’s Way that has worked very well for the strawberries. Now that the rains have begun again, we are seeing lots of fruit and anticipate a great harvest!  Karl has already found a market for the strawberries in two of the grocery shops in Masaka town. 

strawberries Aug 2010 001The workers here on site have never tasted them before, and have loved them!  We have enjoyed them fresh, in pie…

strawberries 001…and in our own Timothy Centre brand of strawberry lemonade.

strawberries 083Watch for these items on our menu when we open the restaurant for our Timothy Centre guest house :)  

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  1. I have landed on this. Am in Niagara. Is it possible for me to learn how to grow this?
    Am inspired