Sunday, November 7, 2010

Radio Show

Some time ago we received a phone call from a radio show host for one of the radio stations in Kampala.  He wanted to meet to discuss the possibility of hosting us on his Sunday morning education program. 

radio show 207

radio show 205

This morning Lizabee and I (Arleen) went with our director in Kibaale (Peter) as well as our headmistress for Timothy Girls’ College (Evacy) to take part in the show.  The topic for the day was “Girl Child Education”, a very relevant topic in Uganda (and most of Africa), as girls face so many challenges in their studies –- lack of parental support, low expectations from teachers, sexual harassment to name a few.

   radio show 208 

As the show was in Luganda, and Evacy was definitely the most fluent (!), we let her carry the ball and she did an excellent job explaining the need for parents and teachers to give girls the support they need to succeed in their education.  She was able to speak from her years of experience in Kibaale Community Secondary School, and also promote the Timothy Girls’ College which will open in February next year. 

 radio show 211

Several callers phoned in to add their comments, and the host was very pleased with the interest the show seemed to generate.  We were invited to come another time to discuss the topic of Christian education and biblical integration in the school curriculum, so it appears that God is opening doors for us to share our experiences with a wider audience in Uganda. 

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