Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Season Creatures

When the rains begin each rainy season, we see a plethora of interesting creatures which seem to come out of hiding somewhere.  Each morning there is something greeting us at the door.  Entomologists would have a great time here!

market garden and roses 015

market garden and roses 016

kibaale, ants and rats 024


insects amd birds 001


market garden, turacos, ibis 021


Kibaale Nursery School Aug, 2010 001

We wonder what will show up tomorrow morning!

Broadway team and TC buildings 074

We also have the “all-season” insects that add to the great beauty of this place.

Kibaale school July 28, 2010 016

Kibaale school July 28, 2010 171

July 28 161

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