Monday, September 26, 2011

Visit from Kyambogo University Students

On Sunday we were pleased to have a group of students from Kyambogo University (near Kampala) visit the Timothy Girls’ High School and lead the chapel service for our girls (and some of our workers who also attend).  This visit was organised by Julius, one of our Kibaale School alumni who is now in his second year of studies at the university and who has been very involved in student leadership positions there.  
Julius 002
Julius calls Karl and I his “parents”, as he has no family of his own because he was orphaned several years ago when he was a student in primary school.  He lived with us when we first moved to Masaka to help start the Timothy Centre,  helping with security at our house and doing some of the landscaping work with Karl as the TC site was being developed.  He worked hard to earn some money for university expenses, and gained the respect of the older men he worked with-- and was instrumental in leading them to Christ.  When he went to university he was very excited to have the opportunity to study business education and this past semester he did his student teaching at a high school near our centre.  He was so well liked and respected by the students that some of the regular staff members asked him to assist them with their classes when they had difficulty with certain concepts.  A few weeks ago he was representing Kyambogo University at an East African student leadership conference in Entebbe and we were surprised to find him at the conference that was hosted in the hotel we stayed in that night! 
So when we heard Julius was bringing a team of students to minister to our Timothy girls we made sure we were here to hear them share in chapel….and Karl was asked to meet with the Kyambogo students later in the afternoon to talk about the importance of servant leadership. 
men's group and Kyambogo students 028
It is so encouraging to see students like Julius so passionate about living as a Christian with integrity and focus, and making the most of the opportunities he has to help others wherever God places him.

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