Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Investing in Lives



Today we were reminded how important it is to invest time and resources in the lives of those around us.  A young man named Joash was a student from Kibaale who loved the Lord and felt a call to serve others as a pastor.  As our Kibaale students are all needy, they have sponsors from oversees who make it possible for them to receive a quality Christian education.  We have a special program for students who finish their ordinary level of secondary school in Kibaale and want to continue with higher education.  This ‘Post S4’ program is so essential to help students reach their career/ministry goals.  Joash was the first Post S4 student who really felt called to train at a Bible school in Kampala in order to become a pastor.  Because his original sponsor was unable to continue helping him with this dream, we helped to support him through this training.  We were really surprised and pleased to find him on our doorstep this afternoon with the news that he has just been appointed as the pastor of one of the larger local churches in Kibaale town.  This church ministers to many of our Kibaale Community Centre staff members and families of the children in our schools.  How wonderful that one of our own ‘boys’ has been entrusted with this level of leadership because of his integrity and love for God.


Praying a blessing on ‘Pastor Joash’

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