Monday, November 4, 2013

Ant Battles

We have been very happy in our house here, but nevertheless one always expects challenges with insects of some sort in Uganda.  We obviously had a lot of sugar ant colonies somewhere just outside the house and any of you who have fought with sugar ants knows that is seems like a losing battle.  They are so tiny they can squeeze their way into sealed containers and will search for water even inside closed kettles.  We were determined to win this one, though, and Karl found a solution online that works like a charm!  We simply mixed boric acid with jam and left small blobs of the solution on cards around the house. Within minutes trails of ants appeared out of nowhere and hundreds of them gathered around the jam like pigs at a trough!  They ingested it and took it back to their colony and effectively got rid of their unsuspecting friends.  WE WON!!  Haven’t seen any ants for several days now….so you might want to try this the next time you want to pull your hair out because of ant infestations. 


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