Saturday, November 16, 2013

Visit from the Archbishop


On Thursday it was a privilege to meet the newly elected  Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, who is also the Chancellor of the university.  It was his first visit to UCU in this leadership capacity. As he addressed the students in the community worship hour, they were encouraged to hear his story.  A humble man, he began serving as a teacher and also spent several years as a young man in missionary work amongst the Karamojong people, a nomadic tribe in the extreme northeastern part of Uganda related to the famous Masaai tribe.  His main message to the students was a simple challenge to focus on Jesus and follow Him uncompromisingly so they can be a blessing to the nation. 


It is refreshing to hear university students encouraged to become servant leaders, rather than to pursue ‘education’ selfishly as a means of personal advancement alone.  There is much hope for the youth of Uganda and for the country as a whole if this vision is taken to heart!



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