Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Teacher Training at Timothy Centre

Now that I am based at Uganda Christian University, we are relying on other volunteer teacher trainers to facilitate the teacher training module at Timothy Centre.  Today is the last day of the January module on biblically-based curriculum planning which began January 8.

Last Saturday Karl and I drove to Entebbe picked up our two Canadian colleagues who had just flown in Friday night to help teach this module.  Jill and Claudia had quite a time trying to get to Uganda because of the flight cancellations in the eastern U.S. with all the winter storms, but finally arrived and were ready to start after weeks of preparation and planning.  Thankfully, Lizabee (the director of education for Kibaale Community Centre and Timothy Centre this year) was able to fill in for the first three days of the module.  It was good to be able to spend some time with Jill and Claudia on the drive down to Masaka where the Timothy Centre is located and then to help answer some questions, find teaching materials in my office, etc. as they ‘stepped into the saddle’.  Jill and Claudia are seasoned educators and quickly built rapport with the teachers in the class.P1240494 

Karl and I were able to stay until Monday morning so this allowed us to participate in their Sunday morning worship service and provide some more support during the Monday morning teaching sessions.  Well done, Jill and Claudia! 

P1240479   P1240488


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