Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Great Team

This past weekend, the Integration of Faith, Learning and Service committee here at Uganda Christian University attended a planning retreat in Jinja (near the source of the Nile).  Our retreat hotel was beautifully situated near the edge of the river, but unfortunately this was a work weekend and we had a lot to discuss… so we’ll have to go back at some point to enjoy more of the scenery.  Our committee works very well as a team and I appreciate each of them for their commitment.
Medard (Dean of Education and Arts), Fred (Child Development and Ministries Dept. Head), Michael (Dean of Science and Technology), Rosette (administrative assistant), Michael (Dean of Science and Technology), myself, and Amos (Foundation Studies Dept. Head)
Each member shared a presentation on the status of faith and learning integration in their respective faculties/departments and this gave us a good overall picture of what to focus on in the year ahead.  I also had the chance to share some insights as we are all learning together as a committee.  It was helpful to spend some time on our action plan for 2014-2015 as well....time well spent!


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