Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Birth of our Teacher Training Course

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This is an exciting week at Timothy Centre, as we are launching our new in-service Christian teacher training course (Certificate in Christian Education)! After years of planning, we have developed a program for teachers who have been trained in the government colleges, but now want training in teaching from a Christian perspective. This 2 year course will be held at the Timothy Centre for 10 days each school holiday period (3 times per year).

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On Monday we began teaching our first module on Biblical Worldview and have 40 teachers (39 from many different schools in Uganda and one from Tanzania). They are all participating with much enthusiasm and are a pleasure to teach. We have had two full days of instruction so far and will continue until January 25. At that point, the teachers will return to their schools to start the first term of the school year and will work on assignments and projects that will help them to process what they have learned in the face-to-face sessions. We will continue to keep you posted on the developments in this program.

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