Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teacher Training Module One Completed!

On January 25 we said good-bye to the 41 teachers who attended our first face-to-face session of our in-service teacher training course at the Timothy Centre.  This first module focused on biblical worldview and it was an intense and very engaging 10 days of training. We shared many helpful ideas in our discussions, presentations and group work.  The teachers were really keen to participate, and  worked very hard in class as we all were stretched to think more deeply about what we believe as Christian teachers and how it affects all we do with our students.
CCE Jan. 20, 2012 003
CCE Jan. 20, 2012 017
CCE Jan. 17, 2012 012

CCE Jan. 17, 2012 001
CCE Jan. 20, 2012 001
Teachers did much of their study in cooperative group work using resources that we have collected over the past couple of years and presented their research findings to the rest of the class.  This is not a commonly used method in the schools here, but we encouraged them to use methods like these in their classrooms to provide richer learning experiences for their students.
CCE Jan. 20, 2012 021
CCE Jan. 19 003
CCE Jan. 19 004
Eight of our teachers from Kibaale Community Schools are enrolled in this course and some hope to be able to help us as instructors once they have completed it in 2013.
The teachers completed several assignments during the course of the 10 days and have further assignments to work on during the course of the next two months.  These are designed to be as practical as possible and stimulate critical thinking about their lives and their teaching practice.
CCE Jan. 19 007
CCE Jan. 18 005
CCE Jan. 24 006
Many of the teachers expressed their thanks to donors in Canada who have contributed to the development of this training course through financial donations for books and other resources.  They said that a new passion for teaching was ignited and that they see the great importance of teaching from a Christian perspective.  We can hardly wait to gather again in the April school holiday to continue with our next module (Philosophy of Christian Education).  Our field director, Ken Drisner, will take the lead in teaching this module.  We look forward to having other Canadian teachers join us to help with some of the teaching of other modules next year. 

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