Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small Things...Big Blessings

As we have been holding our teacher training course this past 10 days, we have seen so many things that have encouraged us and I will give more of an update soon once all the dust settles after the conclusion of module 1 tomorrow.  One thing that has been a big blessing to one of the teachers who is studying with us is that we were able to help provide him with a pair of reading glasses after he realized he had traveled without them.  Azaria is an older gentleman who found it impossible to do the readings and assignments without glasses...and it was not possible to travel all the way home to get them.  "Coincidentally" we had been given a bag of glasses from the lost and found at Pacific Academy while we were home in Canada over Christmas.  I fished through the bag and pulled out a pair that looked like reading glasses.  When Azaria tried them they worked great!  This was just a reminder to all of us how God cares (sometimes in strange ways) for the small details that are important to people.  

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