Friday, August 26, 2011

Bird-watching Paradise

birds 007  The Timothy Centre is an ideal site for bird-watching, as the property includes a large protected wetland area and many natural  and planted trees that attract a large variety of Uganda’s birds.  At any time of day one can hear a multitude of bird calls and enjoy watching birds in flight, in the trees, and hopping through the grass. 
These are some of the commonly seen birds at Timothy Centre.
(Not being bird experts, we rely on our bird books to help us identify them and as far as we can tell these are their names!)

August 22, 2011 002 Crowned hornbill
birds 008 Black-lored babbler
birds 006 African pied wagtail
birds 017
Ruppell’s long-tailed starling
birds 025
Vinaceous dove
birds 034 Brown parrot
Broadway team and TC buildings 064 Black-headed heron
TC site June 2011 013 Gray-backed fiscal
crested crane 002
Crested crane (Uganda’s national bird)

nursery teacher training 036
Hadada ibis
turaco 003 
Ross’s turaco

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