Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Season: Farming God’s Way Plot at TC

With the rains having arrived earlier than anticipated this year, we began working on our demonstration plot at the Timothy Centre today. 

This is what we started with.  Notice the excellent mulch cover -– as a result there were very few weeds that grew over the dry season. This plot was only weeded once in the last 4 months.

Two plots of equal size were dug out,  one third for beans and two thirds for maize (Longe 5).

Look at these guys go!  In about 3 hours five of us prepared the planting stations in both plots.  This is the 5th season of planting.  The first season it took 2 of us about 3 days to hole out one plot -– that’s how hard the soil was.


The soil is getting easier to work each season.  Look at the organic material encompassed in the soil -– not seen five seasons ago.

What great form Mugembe has!!!!

Moving our teren rope down the slope to mark the next row.027

After digging the rows and holes, Edward is applying fertilizer, cow manure in this case.028 029

Here is Medad carefully placing soil over some inorganic fertilizer (DAP) already in the rows…

and finally planting, before we cover the seed with soil and apply the mulch again.034

Well done guys!  The rest is up to you, Lord.

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