Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today was quite the day for celebrating in Kibaale!  It is the end of the second term of school so students were receiving their report cards, receiving words of encouragement and “well done”, and looking forward to the term break.
MDD Kibaale 001
MDD Kibaale 028
   MDD Kibaale 019   
Some primary boys seemed especially happy to be done for the term!

The students also had a very colourful “Music, Dance and Drama” inter-house competitions with much excitement as they performed entertaining dramas and original dances celebrating God’s grace.
MDD Kibaale 074 MDD Kibaale 069

MDD Kibaale 077 MDD Kibaale 075
MDD Kibaale 068

MDD Kibaale 091
The winners of the competition were so excited…especially their teachers who had worked very hard to coach them!
Another wonderful cause for celebration was hearing the news that one of our post secondary boys just received sponsorship to attend university …something he has been hoping and praying for in spite of setbacks and discouragements!
MDD Kibaale 092 Dissan was a small boy in nursery school when Kibaale Community Schools began, and has been a model student throughout.  He has shown himself to be a very hard worker, and a boy of integrity and faith …we celebrate with him that he has a Canadian sponsor who will help him to complete a degree in science/agriculture.  We are grateful for everyone who has had a part in providing a quality education for these needy students!  So much to celebrate today!

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