Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It is always great to receive visitors from home who give a boost to the staff here, and over the weekend one of our Canadian board members, Helen, paid us a visit.  She was able to see first hand the development of the Timothy Centre project and also see some of the changes that have taken place in Kibaale over the last 5 years or so.

August 22, 2011 051 Our community services director, Samalie, was able to share some of the exciting updates about our post secondary students who are now being assisted to attend university and are gaining a strong reputation as students of integrity and faith.  Several are taking positions of leadership in the institutions they attend and are looked up to as models for other students.  We praise God for these great  reports!

While we were visiting Samalie, we also met one of our students who had a dream of studying medicine and who was praying for some time for the opportunity to open up.  Just this past week he heard that a doctor in Canada who has been sponsoring his secondary education in Kibaale has agreed to help him through medical school.  He was absolutely thrilled and was excitedly making plans to travel to university this week. 

August 22, 2011 050

August 22, 2011 048   August 22, 2011 045

Samalie’s daughter, Esther, was very happy to have some attention from “the visitors” as we showed Helen the site. 

August 22, 2011 047

We were also able to “talk” to Justus, one of our staff children who is studying in our Special Unit for hearing impaired students.  He is confident in his use of sign language and is always happy to communicate with someone who has even a little knowledge of sign language.  Justus is another student who brings us special pride, as he is learning the regular Ugandan primary school curriculum (through sign language) and his teachers hope he will be able to write the government exams at the end of his studies. 


  1. Justus is so tall already, he was such a little boy when I was there, so glad to hear he is doing so well!!!

  2. I am grateful for the work you are doing for the sake of the ministry of Christ. Well done! Well come back from US. Hope you have been refreshed for the time you have been having in the US. Really, I feel to be part of your ministry,how can i go about it? I went back to pursue further studies in Biblical studies with Education for the great purpose of transforming a generation for Christ. Upon this, i need men with a lot of expertise knowledge into what i feel God is calling me to do.

    Here, i came across your wonderful website, which has excited me so much. To an extent of wanting work and network with you, if possible. I am already a trained teacher, so far been in field for 5 years. I will be very grateful when my please meet your kind consideration,

    Patrick Mukisa