Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deaf Awareness Week

Our students and teachers in the Kibaale Community Schools Special Unit (classes for hearing impaired students) had an exciting field trip to Ibanda District recently to attend the Deaf Awareness Week activities.  Rosebell, the teacher in charge of the Special Unit, has wanted to take the children to this annual event in the past, but budget did not allow this.  This year, a generous donation from the Grade 5 classes at Pacific Academy, Canada made the trip possible.

The class was thrilled to be able to go, and enjoyed meeting other hearing impaired students and adults from all over Uganda.  Most of our students were not able to communicate with others at all until they began studying in Kibaale, learning sign language and English literacy.  It is amazing to see the transformation of these children who were previously shunned by the community.  

Deaf Awareness Week 001

Our students with their teachers at the march for Deaf Awareness

Sept 29, 2011 006

   Sept 29, 2011 012

Sept 29, 2011 014







Our Special Unit students in class

Come Let Us Dance 048

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