Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Even though we are far away from Canada, we still remember the Canadian traditions and holidays…and this past weekend we had a Thanksgiving celebration with all the Canadians on site at the Timothy Centre.  Turkeys are available here (the live and running kind!) but they tend to be extremely tough so we opted for some “jumbo chickens” that we bought in a grocery store in Kampala.  Carina, Sue, Kristen, Alisha and I spent much of Saturday evening and Sunday cooking up a storm and we all enjoyed the result!




We have many things to be thankful to God for here this year:

  • a great team of Canadians and Ugandans working together both in Kibaale and at the Timothy Centre to share God’s love and provision with needy children and families
  • good health (other than the odd colds that attack) – no malaria!
  • encouraging fruit in the lives of so many students in Kibaale and at Timothy Girls’ High School, particularly those students who are thriving in university now and showing strong Christian leadership


recycling and FGW Aug 2010 044 P1020654 (600x800)

  • strong support from friends, family, churches and the Pacific Academy community in Canada (teams, financial provision, prayer)


  • Beautiful green, lush surroundings and sunny weather (and plenty of rain needed for our water tanks and gardens!)

063 Landscaping Dec. 2010 038   Landscaping Dec. 2010 022   TC site June 2011 022

  • The fellowship of other believers in the churches we attend in Masaka and the strength and encouragement we receive from God’s Word
  • The network of Ugandan Christians we have come to know and appreciate, and through them, the many doors God has opened for ministry in education, agricultural training, etc.
  • God’s amazing love and grace to us all!

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