Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome (and unwelcome) Visitors

We were very happy to have Ken and Nicky, friends from the U.K., visit us again at Timothy Centre for a few days this past week.  Ken and Nicky (and the church they pastor) have been great supporters of the clinic work in Kibaale for many years.  They are now also involved in pastors’ training courses in Uganda, so make yearly trips here.  After spending some time relaxing in our guest house and preparing for their courses, they traveled up to Soroti in eastern Uganda for 2 weeks of teaching.  They are an inspiration and encouragement to us “younger folk”…we hope to have the energy and passion for the work of God that they have in 20 years!

Oct. 19, 2011 002

Ken will celebrate his birthday next week, so we made an “early birthday” cake and celebrated together.  (Not too much chance of a birthday cake in Soroti!)

Ken helped to kill a cobra that was hanging around in the rock garden near our guest house guard house one night while they were here, so he has a good story to tell once he gets back home!

Then, today, I had an unwelcome visitor at the administration building where I have my office – another snake!  Actually this one was very small (pencil size) and looked like it was an eastern green mamba.  It was a very pretty green colour and almost looked like it was plastic until it started moving and disappeared quickly into a hole as I approached.

Oct. 19, 2011 035 You can see how small it was in comparison to our dog’s nose!

One of the landscaping workers coaxed it out of the hole with a machete and finished it off (just to be safe) and cemented in the hole in case there are some others around. 

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