Monday, July 11, 2011

As Fresh as it Gets!

Yesterday we took advantage of a quieter Sunday afternoon to go to Lake Nabugabo, about 40 minutes from the Timothy Centre.

Lake Nabugabo 021

We enjoyed the lakeside scenery and ordered lunch on the veranda of one of the local ‘hotels’.  Karl and I decided to order orange juice with our lunch and the waiter waved vaguely off in the distance and said he could get some ‘over there’.  Once our friends got their soft drinks, he wandered off across the parking lot to some large trees and proceeded to climb one of them—an orange tree!

Lake Nabugabo 012

Lake Nabugabo 011

Way up to the top!!

Lake Nabugabo 013

Down he came with some freshly picked oranges and within a few minutes we had our freshly squeezed drink!

Lake Nabugabo 023

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