Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kibaale “Old Boys” and “Old Girls”

Here in Uganda the alumni of a school are referred to as “old boys” and “old girls” and we are proud to have several of our Kibaale Community Schools alumni working at the centre.  Today we took notice of how many staff members were former students, and realized that many of them are our “Star Employees”.  Being members of this community, and having been sponsored to complete their schooling when they were unable to help themselves, has made them grateful and committed workers.  Meet a few of them…

July 28 218

Rose (nursery teacher)

July 28 222

Mugabi (child sponsorship office worker)


July 28 219 

Jessica (early primary teacher)


July 28 220

Peninah (kindergarten teacher)


July 28 214

Bernard (security guard)


July 28 221

Godfrey (upper primary teacher)


July 28 215

Florence and David (secondary teachers)


July 28 216

Moses (child sponsorship office worker and accounting assistant)

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