Saturday, July 30, 2011

Early Childhood Teacher Training at Timothy Centre

Today we held our first official teacher training workshop at the Timothy Centre with about 20 early childhood teachers from the nearby community.  Some of these teachers had made a trip down to Kibaale last month to see the nursery, kindergarten and early primary classes in action there.  They were interested in seeing how we use learning centres there, and then requested some formal training to improve their teaching skills.  They also wanted to learn how to make learning materials from locally available materials…so I was able to share my growing collection of cardboard that I was saving for this occasion!

nursery teacher training 019


nursery teacher training 006

nursery teacher training 058

nursery teacher training 079


nursery teacher training 102

nursery teacher training 081

It was great to have Eva, the head of our Kibaale Community Nursery School come and assist … it is very rewarding when our own staff are able to now willing and able to share their skills with others.

nursery teacher training 083

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