Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Advice!

For some time now the Ministry of Education has encouraged schools to develop “talking compounds” to remind students of wise words of advice about the importance of education, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc.

In Kibaale we have had small signs with  messages posted in various spots for the past couple of years.  Recently, however, the sign campaign really  exploded… and a visitor walking through the school compound these days will find all sorts of interesting pieces of advice.

Come Let Us Dance 023


Come Let Us Dance 027

Come Let Us Dance 033

Come Let Us Dance 031

Come Let Us Dance 028

Come Let Us Dance 032

Come Let Us Dance 026

The wording on some of them is rather amusing, as the Ugandan English expressions are different from they way we might phrase them...

Come Let Us Dance 019

One is reminded of the reality of the AIDS situation here and the challenges students face daily.  We are thankful that our school can be a support and advocate for many vulnerable children here.

Come Let Us Dance 029 Come Let Us Dance 024Come Let Us Dance 034 

Come Let Us Dance 022

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