Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Timothy Girls’ College: A great place to learn

TGC 194
We have enjoyed seeing the Timothy Girls’ College in action since we have been back in Uganda.  We were sorry to have missed the beginning of first term in February and the official opening in March, as we were in Canada at the time.  But we are beginning to get to know the students now as they live and study at the centre, and we were able to fellowship with them on Sunday at their chapel service.  They show great enthusiasm for God and for learning.

These girls have finished their “Ordinary Level” secondary school studies (some of them in our school in Kibaale) and are now starting their first year of “Advanced Level” studies, a two-year program before entering college or university.
They have hopes of making a difference in Uganda as Christian leaders with integrity, compassion and competence in their chosen careers.
TGC 198
It is also great to see some of our Kibaale graduates who are now on a break from university come and volunteer in various capacities at TGC.  Joseph is working towards his education degree and is doing some volunteer teaching and tutoring here for a few months.
TGC 210 
TGC 253
TGC 205 005
The Canadian teachers on our Pacific Academy team visiting here this summer have been able to spend time in the classrooms as well, assisting both teachers and students.
TGC 195
June 30 in Kibaale and Canada Day at TC 134
Lizabee and Evacy (our Ugandan headmistress) have done a great job in laying the foundations for a school with much potential!

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